The Mission Statement of the Vail Valley Lacrosse Club is to teach and support the values of character, honesty, sportsmanship and excellence through the game of lacrosse.

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Competition is an emotion evoking endeavor. That fact coupled with your passion for your child could at times create situations that take us away from the positive growth mindset culture that will allow us best develop your child to their full potential. When you have concerns we ask that you handle them in the following way.

1.     Talk to your child. Ask for their input, see if they are happy or if they have any issues. Allow them to guide the conversation. If you learn they are happy it may change your perception.

2.     Schedule a time to meet with/talk with the coach. In many cases, your concerns will be the product of lack of or misinformation that can be easily addressed by a simple conversation. It is not best to have difficult conversations immediately following a game or in the presence of other players or families.

3.     Schedule a meeting with the director. To discuss your concern, he will do the necessary investigating and respond to you with a plan to rectify the situation.

Please know that your concerns are important to us. Our coaches are instructed to be available to hear your concerns at anytime with the exception of immediately before or after a game. We sincerely ask that you talk to your child first to get their impressions. We also ask that you bring the child with you to the meeting. We can be more effective in mitigating the issue when we are all on the same page. Also please know that if your concern ever involves something that puts your child any other child in imminent danger you are free to contact the director immediately.