The Mission Statement of the Vail Valley Lacrosse Club is to teach and support the values of character, honesty, sportsmanship and excellence through the game of lacrosse.

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In becoming members of the VVLC community, our membership assumes certain obligations and responsibilities to the sport and its participants. VVLC Parents pledge to conduct themselves in a manner that "Honors the Sport" and demonstrates respect to athletes, coaches, officials, public and fellow parents. The essential elements in this "Code of Conduct" are:






Parents who conduct themselves in a manner that reflects these principles will bring credit to the VVLC community, their athletes and themselves. It is only through such conduct that our sports can earn and maintain a positive image and make their full contribution to Lacrosse in the United States and around the world.



VVLC supports the following behaviors for those participating or involved in any way with VVLC, USL and CYL training and events:





VVLC Parents shall maintain high standards of moral and ethical conduct, which includes self-control and responsible behavior, consideration for the physical and emotional well being of others, courtesy and good manners.


The emphasis on winning should never be placed above the value of good sportsmanship, the concepts of good, positive behavior or the skills and respect of the sport.



VVLC Parents will respect and support the VVLC Coaching Staff and Volunteers by communicating in an appropriate manner at only appropriate times that do not interfere with the training or competition of the VVLC athletes. Respect for the coaches personal time will be of utmost priority in regards to meetings, phone calls or emails.



VVLC Parents are always welcome to utilize positive encouragement with their athletes through voice, as long as it is at an appropriate volume and intensity level so as not to disturb or distract any other athletes, coaches, officials and parents in training or competition at any time.






VVLC Parents, like Coaches, must always be aware of the tremendous influence they have on their athletes. They should always strive to be positive role models in dealing with young people, as well as with adults. Win or lose, VVLC Parents will support their athlete with positive encouragement at all times.


VVLC Parents that are around the training or competition environment must always practice good behavior and never criticize, badger, harass, or threaten any athlete, coach, official or program. If this should occur, the offending VVLC member will be spoken to and given a first warning and the incident documented by the VVLC Staff. If there is a need for a second warning, Local Law Enforcement will be contacted, the individual’s membership will be reviewed and possibly revoked with no refund by VVLC.

Rules knowledge of one’s sport must be respected and adhered to by all who participate, both in the letter and the spirit of the sport. Attempts by Parents to manipulate rules in an effort to take unfair advantage of an oversight, or to teach deliberate unsportsmanlike conduct, is considered unacceptable. If this circumstance occurs, the individual’s membership will be reviewed and possibly revoked with no refund by VVLC.


VVLC as an organization holds itself to a sport-leading standard of conduct at all times. Therefore, Parents are expected to conduct themselves at this higher standard in support VVLC’s core values of Character, Respect and Dedication. We ask that this take place not only in the realm of sport but in the community as well.






We ask that our VVLC Parents set the standards of conduct for the game of Lacrosse. As we ask our VVLC athletes to Respect and Honor the game, so we ask of the Parents as well. When our membership sets the standards of conduct, then we become the leaders of the league and great role models for our athletes.