The Mission Statement of the Vail Valley Lacrosse Club is to teach and support the values of character, honesty, sportsmanship and excellence through the game of lacrosse.

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Athletic Director Job Description

The Athletic Director of the Vail Valley Lacrosse Club will foster a love for the game of lacrosse while embodying the club’s Mission Statement ‘To teach and support the values of character, honesty, sportsmanship and excellence through the game of lacrosse.  This individual will be a self-starter that can see projects all the way to the finish line.  They are the leader of the organization and all interactions with stakeholders (players, parents, coaches, community partners, and other sport organizations) will be positive with the intent of moving VVLC forward as the premiere club organization in the Western Slope.

Primarily Responsibilities:

  • Athletes
    • Grow the game of lacrosse for both girls and boys
    • Be positively engaged with athletes at all practices/tournaments/events VVLC participates in
    • Model affirmative, constructive behaviors and attributes
    • Foster a positive team culture with all players regardless of gender or skill level
    • Develop age/gender specific practice with appropriate drills where athletes are engaged during the entire practice 
    • Provide tools for players to continue the sport outside of VVLC’s seasons (i.e. provide off season drills through website links or apps)
  • Coaches
    • Recruit – Ensure there are the enough coaches for each season/event that VVLC participates in
    • Train/Coach
      • Provide coaches with the tools they need to build teams where the athletes are having positive experiences and improving at the game (all levels).
      • Plan coaching clinics
      • Ensure coaches have practice plans
      • Give feedback to coaches to continue their growth
    • Safety – All coaches know the procedures for possible incidents (i.e. injuries/inclement weather/behavior issues).
  • Parents
    • Provide valued added, timely communication to parents that makes the clubs expectations clear for both the family and the organization
    • Open and available to parent feedback
    • Hold parents accountable for Player/Parent Code of Conduct
    • Set expectations for team parents
  • Community
    • Build relationships with community partners (i.e. WECMRD/High Schools)
    • Coordinate and communicate with other regional lacrosse programs
  • Financial
    • Sponsor procurement and relationship building
    • Coordination of fundraising efforts
    • Provide working budget to board for approval
  • Staff
    • Supervise staff, including hiring, termination, work assignments, and evaluations
    • Coordinate training as needed
  • Administrative
    • Uniform management
    • Website administration
    • Equipment management
  • Programming
    • Execute existing VVLC programs (i.e. Spring Season/Tournaments/Fall Ball/Winter events)
      • Ensure there is a standardized ‘try-out’ evaluation for events where athletes will be divided by skill level
      • Continue to grow existing programs and the skill sets of the athletes participating 
    • Develop New programing (i.e. position and or skill specific clinics/summer season)

The expectation of the VVLC board is that the Athletic Director is a Positive Role Model that will be in attendance at all events of VVLC plus be a motivating influence to all individuals they encounter.


  • Passion for the game of lacrosse
  • 5 or more years of coaching at the club or high school level with demonstrated enthusiasm for developing youth players
  • Expert level understanding of the game of lacrosse including rules, strategies, skills
  • Demonstrated ability to build and maintain relationships with a variety of stakeholders 
  • Demonstrated ability to provide both direction and support to coaches 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent organizational skills 
  • Marketing, social media, and web content experience preferred